USWNT Wins Back-to-Back World Cups, Metro Fans Celebrate

this is the fourth time the team has won within the past 30 years

FARGO, N.D. — They’ve done it again! The USA Women’s National Soccer Team won the World Cup in a 2–0 victory against the Netherlands.

KVRR’s Danielle Church shows us just how anxious and excited fans were to watch the back to back champs make their country proud.

Put soccer on the screen and you just might fall in love.

“It’s hard to turn away. There’s always action, it’s always moving. Ninety minutes and almost every game means something,” said Christian Kang, with American Outlaws Fargo.

Things definitely get a little nerve wracking.

“I think everyone’s a little bit on edge to see what’s going to happen,” said Heidi Pecoraro, who brought her daughter to watch the game. 

Especially when it’s the World Cup Final game, the most meaningful of them all.

“It’s kind of a perfect marriage between your college football just take out the timeout and plus you get to support your country,” Kang said.

Soccer fans from around the metro are showing U.S. Women’s National Team they’ve got all the support from our country and Fargo’s American Outlaws chapter.

“We like to heighten the awareness of soccer in the United States, like to support the teams. It was formed initially for the lack of organized support for United States teams and it’s grown out of passion, a grassroots movement and it’s really blossomed. We have now over 200 chapters and about 30,000 members,” Kang said.

As America’s team competes on a world stage…

“I like that it’s a world sport and it’s something that brings us all together even when we’re rooting for different teams. It’s just really fun,” Pecoraro said. 

…they’re also showing the younger generation what it means to work hard and give it all they’ve got.

“My daughter Evie loves to watch strong women play sports. She just loves it when girls win. She wants role models and she wants to be a strong woman too,” Pecoraro said. 

When you have a whole group of them to make up Team USA, a back to back World Cup win, it makes the 95th and final minute of the game that much sweeter.

The victory against the Netherlands means the United States Women’s team has a record four World Cup wins.

“It speaks volumes to where we’re at with Title IX and women’s soccer and sports here in the United States and it’s great to see that we excel yet again in another sport but specifically soccer,” Kang said.

They continue to make strides and show why they represent the red, white and blue.

Team USA also won in 1991 and 1999.

Germany is the only other country to win the Women’s World Cup multiple times.

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