Kids Have a Blast Learning About Astronauts at Fargo Library

FARGO, N.D. – Being an astronaut, it takes a lot of work. A group of future space cadets are learning what it takes to reach for the stars.

Three, two, one, blastoff! Kids at the Little Squirt Training Academy at Fargo’s Dr. James Carlson Library are training for space exploration.

Kids at the astronaut camp are learning important lessons on what it takes to make the final frontier like how to make a helmet.

With all the courses offered from agility training to working with suits in space, these future spacewalkers are getting their first chance at the job.

“Just kind of giving them a bit of taste of what astronaut training might be like for real astronauts and maybe just planting the seeds of an idea for some of them that would be awesome,” Librarian Cindy Mason said.

For the instructors training this next generation, it’s also a blast.

“Just seeing the kids discover the different things and giving them the chance to play with things and to have experiences they might not otherwise have just the joy that comes across that I get to see,” Mason explained.

While these little rocketeers build on things like hand-eye coordination and crafting skills they’re also fun for parents to come out too.

“As a parent it’s fun to watch your kid kind of learn and grow and interact with other children in the community. You make playdates get together and just enjoy having a great summer,” Fargo Parent Benjamin Holton said.

With all the future space explorers come in for many different reasons. For one cadet he knows why he came.

“I really wanna walk in space,” Space Camper Sam Pople said.

As all the kids wrap-up their final training missions for the day, event organizers say they love that they get to teach kids and also give them a fun environment to play in.

The Little Squirt Training Academy will be back at the library Tuesday night at 6:00.

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