LIVE: Get Bugged With New Attraction At Red River Valley Fair

"Bug Ology" Is New Addition To 2019 Fair


This year’s Red River Valley Fair will have all of your fair food staples: cheese curds, corn dogs, funnel cake.

But there’s a new snack this year that will cause some people’s skin to crawl.


Bog Ology is a new to the fair this year. There are huge animatronic bugs, but the real experiences are a lot smaller.

You can get up-close with real creepy crawlers, like the Emperor Scorpion in the clip above.


Then, if normal fair food isn’t for you, you can sample cricket cuisine.

Cricket chips, chocolate-covered crickets, roasted crickets and June bugs are all on the menu for daily tasting sessions.

Adam got to try a variety of cricket treats and offered his verdicts.

Bug Ology is part of this year’s Red River Valley Fair.

The fair starts at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, July 9th and runs through the 14th.

Find out more about the fair by clicking here.

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