Generation Z Tells Employers What They Look for in a Potential Job

By 2020 Generation Z, anyone born from the mid 90's to the early 2010's, will make up 20% of the workforce

MOORHEAD, Minn.– Employers are learning what Generation Z is looking for in their careers.

By 2020 Generation Z, anyone born from the mid 90’s to the early 2010’s, will make up 20% of the workforce.

Heather Ostrowski says that may be a small percentage but it’s enough to get a hiring manager’s attention.

“It seems that everyone in the workforce right now is just curious about you know do we need to change how were attracting that talent, the gen z talent, what’s happening with their strengths do we need to look at different social media platforms to really help connect,” says Ostrowski.

Ostrowski gathered research on generation Z to present to employers.

“But the panel is actually going to confirm or deny whether or not this information actually tracks with their own personal experiences, with what they’re looking for in their careers. We get to hear the truth right from the mouths of Gen Zers,” added Ostrowski.

“I am very interested to know how to attract the younger generation,” says Talent Acquisition Specialist at Vitalant,  Shelia Neuleib. “What are they looking for when they look for a job what things are important to them, and then how can I use that information to help sell the positions we have open. If we’re not offering what this new generation is looking for then how do we adjust that so we can give them what they’re looking for and make it a great culture on top of it and attract top talent?”

And Gen Zers are happy to share their thoughts about the workplace with potential employers.

“I think one of the best things about a great work environment is just working with people that you really enjoy, I think that is a great start,” says Concordia College Senior, Tate Hovland.

But they also want employers to know what they will expect from them.

“I think just accepting me as an equal,” says MSUM Junior, Madelyn Stephenson. “I’m a lot different than the stereotypical 40 yr. old male programmer and I think it’s important to treat everyone as an equal and be accepting.”

Eventually Generation Z will be the majority in the workforce, and employers need to know how to recruit them to their companies, and how to make them stay.

Forbes says that Gen Zers are focused on finding stable jobs, mostly in tech and health care.

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