Anheuser–Busch Celebrates Annual Grower Days in Moorhead

They say they're proud their products are locally sourced

MOORHEAD, Minn. –When you crack open a beer, you probably don’t think about all that went into making it.

Anheuser–Busch is celebrating its partnership with barley growers at Grower Days.

Take a look at the video for the inside of the Moorhead Malt Plant, where barley goes through cleaning, grating, germination, and analysis.

Growers from around the area get to share their farming practices.

Anheuser–Busch holds Grower Days annually at different plants, and they say they’re proud their products are locally sourced.

“I don’t think people understand this is a specialty crop, so it takes a lot of effort and crop management to grow barley, our beers are obviously made with the highest quality ingredients possible,” Nikki Zahradka, Midwest Regional Agronomy Manager, said.

Awards were handed out to growers for achievements like sustainable farming practices and best soil health.

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