Australia Native Trains Alpha Equus English Riders Club at RRVF

WEST FARGO, N.D. – As we hit the halfway point of the Red River Valley Fair, riders are saddling up their steeds to showcase what they can do.

Members of the Alpha Equus English Riders Club are hoofing around the track inside the Horse Arena at the Red River Valley Fair to show off some of the new tricks they are learning.
And for one special instructor brought in, it’s been a lifelong passion all the way down under.

“I grew up in outback Queensland, Australia and my mom was into horses. So, I kind of got the bug from a young age and have been fortunate enough to travel the world and now I’m based here in the states and teach a lot of lessons,” International Event Rider Dominic Schramm said.

With all the lessons he teaches getting to work with these new riders.

“It’s great to give, hopefully, some advice and some inspiration to young and upcoming riders and you might have a future Olympian. You never know,” Schramm explained.

And he even likes to add his unique style of teaching.

“I think it’s important to give people a good message in not a way that people feel intimidated or claustrophobic. I like to keep it pretty fun, make a joke but at the same time I also like to get to work too so, yeah, I like to keep things light and fun,” Schramm said.

For Dominic it’s more than just a job.

“For some people, it seems to be kind of daunting for someone who has never ridden a horse before, but it’s incredibly rewarding it’s more of a lifestyle when you keep horses and your responsible for animals it’s a full time commitment. It’s an incredibly rewarding thing to train an animal and to have a bond and connection with them,” Schramm said.

Wherever the road takes Dominic, he loves that he’s able to teach both the current and future generations of horse riders.

Dominic also says the best way to give horseback riding a try is at your local riding club to give yourself a fun and safe option.

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