Vendors Share Their Local Creations With Community at Red River Market

This is the 5th season of the market

FARGO, N.D. — It’s farmer’s market season, and the Red River Market had its grand opening for community members looking to find locally made goods.

Food is something that brings everybody together.

“What can you go wrong with candy, people love candy,” Jeremy Schwarzrock, co-owner of Rogue Candies, said.

People at the Red River Market are sure indulging in plenty of those goodies.

“We got some caramels, we got some hot habanero sauce,” Stephanie Cramer said.

Schwarzrock started his business four years ago, using a recipe from his family.

“I think it’s something I consider very much a privilege because it’s something that they’ve done for a long time that people have enjoyed and now we get to bring it out to a different community,” he said.

That habanero sauce? It also came from a family recipe.

“I never thought I’d be in a food business, and I never thought I’d be in a business with my husband either and when I tried the habanero sauce that he made, I knew instantly it had to happen,” Rachel Utecht, owner of Off the Deck Hot Sauce, said.

She says people sure aren’t shying away from the spicy stuff.

“It’s been surprising that way, in a place that’s known for table pepper being too hot, it’s pretty funny,” she said.

Whether it’s something hot or savory, anyone can find something to enjoy.

“To see a 5, 6 year old come running up and being like, ‘I want a piece of candy,’ that’s so awesome to see and it’s just great to see his excitement and he can’t wait to have that,” Schwarzrock said.

“I like that they’re just serving beer out in the open, you can just go and drink and walk around, and enjoy yourself and see the sights and see downtown,” Linsi Boe said.

The market will be every Saturday through the end of October from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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