Girl Appreciates Support During Battle With Cancer

FARGO, N.D. – Driving your way through adversity to brighten the day of someone else.

Muscatel Subaru is taking away time from work to handing out blankets and toys for kids at the Roger Maris Cancer Center to give back to the community.

“Really see what they have gone through and see the successes and the challenges and everything and it really puts everything into perspective that life is important and life is special,”said Muscatel Subaru Digital marketer, Matt Halseth.

And the payoff of doing the good deeds are worth it.

“The smile it was pretty cool seeing that smile on her face and it’s really enjoyable to see that,” Said Matt.

“It’s nice to know that the community is thinking about us and to be able to give out these blankets to our patients I know will bring just joy and light to their faces and I’m able to do that and see it firsthand,” said Oncology Social Worker at SanfordĀ  Chelsey Stramm.

For one special girl.

She’s got a special talent.

“I like to draw ummm I like to draw smiley faces.” Said cancer survivor Haddie Ellingson.

While she’s being an artist she’s also beating cancer and for her dad when the news first broke, it wasn’t easy.

“Going through this… the nightmare absolute no parent wants to hear that… ya the nightmare,” Said Haddie’s dad Brent Ellingson.

But lucky they were surrounded by a good support system.

“We were fortunate to get diagnosed to come back here with everybody friends family, ya it’s just amazing” said Brent.

But then a holiday miracle happened.

“On December 24th Christmas Eve they told us.. Cancer free but we still have to go through treatment but when you’re talking about a Christmas present holy moly.” Said Brent happily.

As Both Brent and Haddie celebrate beating cancer and working their way back to things being normal again, they appreciate all the support they got along the way on the road to recovery.

Both Sanford and Muscatell say they loved being able to team up to make people smile and can’t wait to work together again to do more good.

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