Lutheran Church Moves into Jewish Synagogue in Fargo

In 2013 St. Mark's Lutheran Church had low numbers, forcing them to sell their building which is now Sanctuary Events Center

FARGO, N.D.– A Lutheran Church and Jewish Synagogue are coming together to promote religious tolerance.

In 2013 St. Mark’s Lutheran Church had low numbers, forcing them to sell their building which is now Sanctuary Events Center.

Since then they have been housed at two other churches, but now they have found their new home with Temple Beth El.

“I can’t tell you how excited we are and the incredible welcome that we have received from Temple Beth El and its members,” said the Treasurer for St. Mark’s, Tammy Lanaghan.

“Well, I think it’s just glorious, it’s just glorious,” said Rabbi Janeen Kobrinsky, Temple Beth El. “From the minute the idea came up I was just ecstatic about it. We have services on Saturday mornings, St. Marks have services on Sunday mornings our sanctuary is empty on Sunday mornings and that’s just the beginning of a brilliant relationship.”

The two will share the building and are able to practice on their designated holidays.

Both groups hope that this new partnership will improve religious tolerance within the community.

“Hopefully we are setting a good example of what faith is all about and that’s loving one another despite our differences,” said Tara Jensen, St. Marks Council Member. 

“I’m hoping that it will be an example to other faith groups and the community at large that we can all work together regardless of different faith we still have the same values,” said Beverly Jacobson, President of Temple Beth El.

“I think it’s always good to see people walking hand–in–hand who you might not necessarily think of together and I think that’s just a wonderful kind of role model for the community,” added Kobrinsky.

Their religions have similar values and have some differences, but there is one thing that they all can agree on.

“Both of us are welcoming congregations in which it doesn’t matter your background, who you love, or your identity, everyone is really welcome here,” added Jensen.

“Love your neighbor, no exceptions, that’s what this is all about,” added Kobrinsky.

The two will be hosting a dedication ceremony in September.

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