City of Dazey Wants to Clear False Reports on Flooding

City has been dealing with groundwater and overland flooding for several weeks

DAZEY, N.D. — The city of Dazey and Barnes County wants to clear up any false reports regarding  the city’s recent flooding situation.

Below is what the Barnes County Emergency Manager sent out.

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City of Dazey, North Dakota

Press Statement Regarding Summer 2019 Flooding

As of 4:00pm on July 18, 2019

General Information

The City of Dazey, North Dakota is continuing to address issues related to groundwater and overland flooding within the city. While the city has been experiencing some ongoing flooding for several weeks, In the early hours of Wednesday July 17, 2019, the city received approximately four inches of precipitation during one rain event. This large amount of precipitation combined with previous rain events in the preceding weeks totaling several inches had left no room in nearby sloughs or waterways for rainwater to quickly drain away from the city. Additional water began overland flooding into the city from neighboring farm fields as it followed ground contours. As nearby sloughs were already full, this also caused the city’s stormwater drains to become ineffective as they had nowhere to dispose of rain runoff from city streets and yards, so water began accumulating around homes.

Following the rain event early Wednesday morning, the City of Dazey suspended water service to homes and businesses as a health and safety precaution. This was due to the city’s lift station being overwhelmed with incoming floodwater. Next, the Barnes County Emergency Management and the Barnes County Sheriff’s department were notified, and water removal efforts were put into place to address floodwaters threatening homes and businesses.

Current Situation Update

The lift station has been running at full capacity since the rain event, but even so, and with homeowners draining their sump pump water into the streets, the lift station has not been able return to a safe operating level as this press release. Efforts are being continued to address this issue and restore water services as soon as possible to residents and businesses within the community. Most of the groundwater flooding within the city has been addressed and is under control. The American Red Cross delivered bottled drinking water and floodwater clean up kits, which are available for residents to pick up at the Dazey Community Center. Meals and other supplies are also being provided by various community members for anyone who would like to come to the Community Center to gather and take a break from flood control efforts.

The City of Dazey has been working with Barnes County Emergency Management, the Barnes County Sheriff’s Department and has also been in contact with multiple State and Federal agencies regarding the current flood situation. Community members and local businesses have banded together to address the floodwaters and as of this press release, due to their swift action and hard work, the situation is currently under control. A long-term solution to overland flooding impacting the City of Dazey will need to be further developed, and city officials look forward to working with all county, state and federal entities who will need to be involved in that process going forward.

Information for Residents of Dazey

While most groundwater issues have been or are currently being resolved, if any homeowners require any assistance with managing floodwaters at their homes, they are asked to please come to the Community Center or inform one of the individuals who are helping watch over the water pumps. Once a problem is identified, the city will work to address the issue as quickly as possible. If any person needs immediate emergency assistance they should immediately dial 911.

Bottled water and Floodwater cleanup kits are available at the Dazey Community Center, courtesy of the American Red Cross. Additional Drinking Water is being donated and delivered by BEK Communications.

City Water service will be resumed as soon as the lift station returns to a safe operating level. Once water service is restored, residents are asked to limit water use for the first 24-36 hours to avoid overwhelming the lift station.


For More Information Contact: Justin Sherlock – Mayor, City of Dazey

Cell Phone: (701) 269-2200


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