Downtown Fargo Street Fair Begins



FARGO, N.D. — When you hear of the Downtown Fargo Street Fair, you probably think of crafts, art and, of course, food.

This year’s street fair is bringing fresh vendors, activities and music to the streets of downtown.

A scavenger hunt, stage for local and outside artists to perform on and petting zoo are just part of the fun.

“I think people are really excited about the animals being here. We’ve got a pig, a cow, and different animals that you find out on the prairie. So they’re learning more about the prairie, they’re learning more about nature, and I think that’s really cool. The reaction from the kids is just really special,” said Marshall Johnson of Nature Fargo-Moorhead.

If you are planning on drinking at the fair, though, you’re required to wear a white wristband can only walk in designated areas.

Beer vendors will be checking ID’s and handing out those wristbands to those of legal age.

But with everything that’s new, there are still some familiar faces.

“I make pottery. In 1966 I flunk pottery at North Dakota State, and I’m still working on getting a better grade,” said Dave Huebner, owner of Dakota Stoneware Pottery.

Dave has been selling his pottery at the fair for 43 years. And even after all these years, he still has a hard time parting with his art pieces.

“Because it’s like selling your children, you know? You want to find out if they’re going to a good home.”

He sells his pieces at two art fairs every month, and although some tell him they can do without his pottery, the Fargo Street Fair never has.

“You have to apply every year, and some years they say well, we don’t need ya. But they never have here so far.”

Dave and his pottery stand aren’t the only ones who’ve never missed a year.

“We always come here, every year,” said Allison Siegel.

And the fair should be here for years to come.

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