Fargo Police Officer, Hometown Hero Honored With Thunderbirds Flight


FARGO, N.D. — Officer Matt Niemeyer didn’t get into police work for the awards.

But going above and beyond his call of duty lands him the Hometown Hero award and a ride in the Air Force Thunderbirds’ F–16.

“I never would’ve thought something like this would come from that. I think everybody gets into the job because they want to help people, and when things are at their worst and things are going wrong, they want to be able to do something about it. I think that’s why we get into the job and why we stay in the job,” said Niemeyer.

But his job isn’t just policing.

As Community Trust Officer, Niemeyer works with children in neighborhoods to build trust between the Police Department and youth.

This community work is what led the Thunderbirds to award him not only the title of “hero,” but also the flight of his life.

“To be able to take someone up who’s so connected to the community and is such a role model with everything he does, not only on the police officer side but also with the summer camp support, is incredible. So, it was great to show him not just what the jet can do but what our team can do as well,” said Lt. Col. Eric Gorney.

“It was really cool to be able to see everything, especially when we were upside down and we had the whole window right in front of my eyes, and I could look out, and I could see our entire community and all the farmland and everything else,” said Niemeyer.

The Thunderbirds and everyday heroes like Officer Niemeyer are striving for the same thing, and that’s being role models.

“With these heroes, they’re trying to do the same thing we’re doing, and that’s inspire the next generation,” said Gorney.

They say anybody can be that inspiration for someone else.

“I think a hero is somebody who goes out there and selflessly just tries to serve their community. Tries to care for other people, and I think anyone who can go out and do that is a hero.”

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