Air Force

Fargo Police Officer, Hometown Hero Honored With Thunderbirds Flight


FARGO, N.D. — Officer Matt Niemeyer didn’t get into police work for the awards. But going above and beyond his call of duty lands him the Hometown Hero award and a ride in the Air Force Thunderbirds’ F–16. “I never would’ve thought something like this would come from that. I think everybody gets into the job because they want to…

Happy Hooligans, the 119th Wing of the North Dakota Air National Guard, Welcome New Commander

Colonel Darrin Anderson started his military career in 1983

FARGO, N.D. — The 119th Wing of the North Dakota Air National Guard, also known as the Happy Hooligans, welcomed a new commander, Darrin Anderson. “Such an honor to be leading this organization. I have some bias, but it’s the best national air guard in the country, no better feeling,” he said. He  started his military career in 1983. “Colonel Anderson,…

Korean War Veteran To Go On First Honor Flight

Andy Anderson was in the Air Force and in the Army

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Andy Anderson was trying to avoid dating a girl his friend wanted him to start seeing so on the day he turned 17, he decided to fix that. “I joined the Air Force. That ended that,” Anderson said. The decision Anderson made may have gotten him out of a sticky situation but it was only the…

Returning Hero Surprises Stepson at Liberty Middle School

After Eli Jorgens lost his father at a young age, John Carlson entered his life

FARGO, ND — Jon Carlson was one of those Happy Hooligans who returned home to Fargo. He is a husband, a son and a father to four children, but not everyone knew about his return home. Just a few years ago, Ashton and Eli lost the man they once called Dad. “My dad died when I was back in second…

Deployed “Happy Hooligans” Returning to their Families in Fargo

Many have been away from their loved ones for about six months

FARGO, ND — Six months ago, groups of “Happy Hooligans” were deployed to different parts of Southwest Asia. They’re starting to return home. Families and friends gathered at Hector International Airport to greet their loved ones with open arms. Dozens of others from the 119th Wing came out to greet the six people returning home this afternoon. People greeting the…

Flight Forecasting with Unmanned Aircraft at the Grand Forks Air Force Base

The team also conducts weather observations to go along with data gathered by automated observations to insure flight safety

GRAND FORKS, ND — While manned missions are no longer flown out of the Grand Forks Air Force base, unmanned aircraft still require flight forecasting. A team of air force personnel make sure that pilots of remote controlled aircraft are aware of weather conditions that could impact take offs and landings at the base as well as day-to-day operations. The…

Senator Hoeven Explains Vital Roles North Dakota’s Air Bases Play in National Security

He says leaders need to ensure funding for nuclear bomber and missile missions at Minot Air Force Base

GRAND FORKS, ND — North Dakota U.S. Senator John Hoeven is talking up the work done at our bases in Grand Forks and Minot. During the bipartisan Air Force Caucus, Hoeven outlined the vital role the bases play to Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and Vice Chief of Staff General Stephen Wilson. He says leaders need to ensure funding for…

Not Pets: Highly Trained Military Dogs at the Grand Force Air Force Base

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Travels to the Grand Forks Air Force Base to Learn How They Train Their K9's

GRAND FORKS, ND — People in the military know they sign on for rigorous training and strict discipline. As KVRR reporter Jackie Kelly found out, even the four-legged soldiers are treated just as equally. Jackie, along with Chief Photographer Patrick Conteh, traveled to the Grand Forks Air Force Base to learn about training military K9s. Staff Sergeant Hamilton said his day…

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Visits Minot Air Force Base

Sen. Hoeven says he's glad Secretary Mattis is visiting the base

MINOT, ND — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis visited Minot Air Force Base and talked about his change of course on nuclear weapons. Mattis says he’s become convinced that the U.S. must keep all three parts of its nuclear force, rather than eliminate one of them, as he once suggested. That force consists of land-based missiles, known as intercontinental ballistic missiles,…

Air Force Reserve Bus Bound for Fargo Hit by Semi on I-94

The crash happened around 1 o'clock on I-94 west bound between Monticello and Albertville

MONTICELLO, Minn. — The Minnesota State Patrol is investigating a crash involving an Air Force Reserve bus headed for Fargo and a semi. The crash happened around 1 o’clock on I-94 west bound between Monticello and Albertville. The semi apparently rear-ended the bus and the bus rolled. According to the Air Force Reserve, six of the 13 passengers were hurt….