ND Teen Visits Washington to Talk about Living With Type 1 Diabetes

Danika Johnson is a 17–year–old from Horace who was diagnosed with Type one diabetes when she was 13

FARGO, N.D.– A local teen met with  members of Congress to talk about what it’s like to live with type one diabetes.

Danika Johnson is a 17–year–old from Horace who was diagnosed with Type one diabetes when she was 13.

Since then her family has faced some financial hardships when it comes to the cost of insulin, and she wants to change that for other families who are in the same situation.

“It’s made it harder to do the fun things we wanted and just slowed us down and set us back a little bit,” say sDanika Johnson, ND 2019 Children’s Congress Delegate.

She was named the North Dakota 2019 Children’s Congress Delegate in February, and got to go to Washington.

She was able to go through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Johnson’s meeting only lasted about 45 minutes, but she says she is excited to see what new legislation will mean for those living with diabetes.

“I just hope they saw the importance and how it affects us in real life and I hope it just gives it a sense of urgency. If it’s more affordable it lets families just be families more than families with diabetes and lets that be the second part and not always the main worry,” added Johnson.

Her mom says getting involved with JDRF has made their lives a little bit easier.

“We really felt it was important to give back and be a part of something that’s making a difference and JDRF, because they have that ability and the impact they have around the world in their research studies, has been amazing it really put us leaps and bounds ahead of where we were 5 years ago,” said Danelle, Danika’s Mom.

They want to say thank you to the people who listened to her story in Washington.

“I just think that all of our legislators have been very open and willing to listen to us and help us. We know some of the other children and families did not have the same experience with legislators. They either aren’t aware of it or don’t see it as such a large need in their constituent base. We are just thankful that our legislators will take time and listen to the realities of what’s happening,” added her mom.

Legislation is already being introduced to try to reduce the cost of insulin and get more generic insulin out there.

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