Grand Forks Firefighters team up to teach the community

Grand Forks N.D-Fighting fires and teaching people how to stop them.

That’s just some of the things being taught at Grand Forks.

Here at the Public Safety Center in Grand Forks fire departments are teaming up to teach local people about the importance of fire safety.

While I was being lowered down from about 30 feet in the air, back on ground level, families and community members were trying out some new things.

“Well this little guy is really crazy about firetrucks and every single time we leave daycare he’s asking to see firetrucks he wants to ride on a firetruck he says I wanna ride on a firetruck I wanna give him that chance,” Said Melanie Neumann.

For little Braden it was an interesting time.

“We just went in one of those fire trucks he was a little scared but once he was there he was excited ,” said Melanie.

And getting kids like him out to events like these are important for the department

“It makes them familiar with us and our equipment in the event that an emergency would happen that their not afraid of us when were all in our firefighting gear and the helmets it can make it scary for little kids but if we can make them comfortable with them at a young age its more beneficial if something were to happen,” said Fire Chief Gary Lorenz.

And sometimes things like this put kids in situations where they can help the whole family.

“It’s amazing how many times kids will go home after these events and remind their parents changing their batteries and their smoke alarms and having an escape plan do we know our two ways out and what to do if things do catch on fire, ” said Chief Lorenz.

Firefighters like Mike Sandry who has been battling blazes for over 29 years helped get everything put together there was one thing that put a smile on his face.

“I just think seeing all the kids out here ya just never know what’s going to happen with the summertime with people being so busy with their kids. We just have a really great interest and showing with their kids it just really shows an interest in what we do and what we provide the citizens of Grand Forks,” said Mike Sandry.

While things may be wrapping up this year Chief Lorenz says he can’t wait to plan out another event like this next summer.

Chief Lorenz says some of the best advice for fire safety is just using common sense.

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