“The Other Four” Art Exhibit Explores Senses Other Than Sight

The exhibit will be up through November

FARGO, N.D. — When you think of an art museum, you probably think of looking at paintings and sculptures. There’s a new exhibit at the Plains Art Museum that lets you hear, smell and get your hands on the art.

When you walk in, you’re greeted with an invitation to sniff and taste some thingsĀ and write down what they remind you of.

There’s even something that makes you feel like you’re hearing music, but it’s actually just vibrations.

Curator John Schuerman says people dedicate so much of their brain to visual function, he wanted to create something with more engagement.

“People will have a richer lived experience for few moments they’re in gallery,” he said.

There’s also an opportunity hear something more personal.

One piece at the exhibit highlights the suppression of the Kurdish language. People can put their ear up to the wall and very faintly hear a Kurdish lullaby.

Artist Pedram Baldari was inspired by his mother tongue.

“It has been spoken inside the houses, but not outside the houses, and I thought this wall represents a Kurdish family that could live behind it,” he said.

Whether you’re in the Kurdistan Region or Fargo, you can you can feel something from the other side of the world or go all the way within yourself to feel a simulation of your own heartbeat.

“The Other Four” exhibit will be display until end of November.

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