Kids learning how to code through world of Roblox

FARGO N.D – Learning how to code and getting to play video games at the same time?

That’s what Sensei’s are teaching their Ninja’s at a Fargo Summer Camp.

Here at Code Ninjas in Fargo, kids are learning the essential skills they need to make it in the future job market like learning 3D design by playing games like Roblox.

“This week is Roblox week is Roblox Create Camp so we have really a lot of cool Ninjas creating in a roblox platform,” says Center Director Mackenzie Brimm.

And with all this hard work the kids put in their learning a lot of new things that will make them well rounded.

“It is applicable to any industry that they are going into if they are going into agriculture, still helpful to have a background in computer science, it’s important because it’s applicable to every industry,”says Code Sensei Wren Erickson.

For Ninja’s at the camp like Andres he’s always had a love for video games.

“The reason is it’s just entertaining I live at home my sister is always bothering me and stuff I would just rather be on the couch laying down having popcorn and playing video games and stuff with my own alone time”, says Code Ninja Andres Binstock.

And he hopes to use opportunities like these offered at the camps can help him in the future.

“I wanna make my own codes and make my own games when I’m older, I wanna learn how to do this stuff,” says Andres

And the South Fargo Native knows what kinds of games he wants to make.

“Games kind of like Roblox where you can create your own world, have the creativity to explore and do what you wanna do,”says Andres

As time clock ticks away for the kid’s time at the camp, The Senseis say they’re happy the Ninja’s are leaving with some new lessons that will help them as they go out into the world.

Andres says he hopes he’s able to improve his passion for gaming when he hopes that his mom buys him a new PS4 for his birthday this Wednesday.

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