New Mapping Tool Shows Flooding Risk Across North Dakota

The tool is intended to help people make informed decisions about flood protection.

BISMARCK, N.D.–The North Dakota Water Commission has unveiled a new interactive mapping tool that provides information on potential flooding in the state. State risk map coordinator Laura Horner says the map shows where flooding might occur and to what extent it could happen in various scenarios. The North Dakota Risk Assessment Mapservice was on display Wednesday at the Bismarck Event…

Kids learning how to code through world of Roblox

FARGO N.D – Learning how to code and getting to play video games at the same time? That’s what Sensei’s are teaching their Ninja’s at a Fargo Summer Camp. Here at Code Ninjas in Fargo, kids are learning the essential skills they need to make it in the future job market like learning 3D design by playing games like Roblox….

Press, Shoot, Score! A Hidden Gem that is Helping You Relive Your Childhood

Most players have a childhood connection to the silver ball, or memories of a signature pinball wiggle

FARGO, N.D. — Whether you like movies, arcade games, or a night out with the family, this spot in Fargo could be your new favorite place. The unique sport is drawing so many players in. Looking from the outside, the colors and lights are unseen, but behind these walls lies a hidden gem. “There’s 30 different pinball machines here so…

Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion: Learning About the Importance of Old Time Farming

"Teaching you about your ancestors and how they lived before you did and how technology has improved"

ROLLAG, Minn. — All the clinks and clunks may surprise you, but those noises come with using some old time farming equipment. “My favorite part of today was riding a tractor,” said Trinity St. Clarre a visitor at the show. Kids, families and generations of threshermen are reliving the good ol’ days by bringing some old farming traditions back to…

Clay County Fair Opens in Barnesville

This is the week to get out and about with multiple fairs and activities throughout the region

BARNESVILLE, Minn. —┬áThis is the week to get out and about with multiple fairs and activities throughout the region. The Clay County Fair is back for the season and the community is ready for summer fun. “It’s about family and families getting together,” said Ross Rehder, the Poultry Department Supervisor. Whether you are new… “This is my very first time…