Press, Shoot, Score! A Hidden Gem that is Helping You Relive Your Childhood

Most players have a childhood connection to the silver ball, or memories of a signature pinball wiggle

FARGO, N.D. — Whether you like movies, arcade games, or a night out with the family, this spot in Fargo could be your new favorite place.

The unique sport is drawing so many players in.

Looking from the outside, the colors and lights are unseen, but behind these walls lies a hidden gem.

“There’s 30 different pinball machines here so you gotta know how to play them know what you got to do to actually score the points,” said Josh Kemmer, a pinballer.

Most players have a childhood connection to the silver ball…

“It’s a good place to relive your childhood and blow off some steam and dust off those flipper skills,” said Bill Brooks, a co-owner of Fargo Pinball.

Or memories of a signature pinball wiggle.

“We had one in our house growing up…kicking his heals up, playing whatever machine it was,” said Tim Fiechtner, otherwise known as “FIT” in pinball.

Each machine has a different theme…

“Movies, television, comic books,” Fiechtner said.

“It makes each game unique in its own way on how the balls move around the play field and such,” said Jim Brooks, a co-owner of Fargo Pinball.

Different obstacles and noises keep players on their toes.

“Now it’s a lot more sounds a lot more lights,” Kemmer said.

“It touches all your senses too, they are very loud,” Fiechtner said.

Your hands can feel the buttons controlling both switches…

Your ears hear the music and chaos around the room…

And your eyes are fully engaged in the spectacle.

“Making it extremely bright and flashing,” Kemmer said.

This unique spot gives players a chance to enjoy the game…

“It’s a skill, it’s an art,” Fiechtner said.

And fully engulf themselves into the sport.

“You’ll see guys bumping the machine that’s very much part of it,” Fiechtner said.

And while they are competing, they are truly in their element.

“A lot of laughing some swearing but that’s kind of pinball though,” Kemmer said.

Some are playing for fun…

“In short you can just hit for whatever’s flashing just keep the ball in play keep hitting,” Bill said.

Trying to break a national record…

“Some scores get up in the billions,” Kemmer said.

Or putting your name up in lights.

“Getting the grand champion status on a certain machine,” Fiechtner said.

Fargo Pinball is showing today’s generation, what the childhood of a 70’s, 80’s and even a 90’s kid looked like.

“We love keeping pinball alive,” Bill said.

If you are interested in playing at Fargo Pinball, you can go to the Fargo visitor center and ask for a pass. You can also email the group at to inquire about a membership.

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