Meeting Face-to-Face With Voters for Summerfest 2019

It's the 20th year that the Cass County Democratic-NPL is hosting Summerfest to get information to local voters


FARGO, N.D.– Summerfest 2019 is bringing voters face to face with their state legislators.

It’s the 20th year that the Cass County Democratic-NPL is hosting Summerfest to get information to local voters.

And this year, legislators hope to get to know the people they serve a little better.

“One of the things I really enjoy about Summerfest is being able to talk with my neighbors and really understand what are some of the issues that are important to them and what we might want to work on in the years going forward in the legislature,” says Karla Rose Hanson, Democratic Representative for the 44th District.

Everyone is welcome at Summerfest no matter what party they’re a part of.

“It’s incredibly important for people to come out to local events like this, whether you’re a democrat republican or something in between because here you can see people face to face; they are not on TV they are not on twitter, its someone you can talk to in person and find out what they are like no matter what your political views are,” said former state representative Ben Hanson.

Summerfest is about voters being able to meet with state legislators face to face and get them excited for the upcoming elections.

“It’s a way for our local state legislators to let people know what they have been up to in the interim after a legislative session because sometimes it’s not always covered as well, and it’s a way to get people geared up for next year and excited to help support our candidates,” added Ben Hanson.

For some, it’s about politics and for others it’s about bringing the community together.

“I hope people that come to Summerfest, first of all, have a good time,” added Karla Rose Hanson. “This is meant to be a fun evening, but second of all, feel really fired up about what the potential is for the future.”

“I hope people come away with a sense of community and a sense of contentedness to their state,” added Ben Hanson.

The money they raise at the event will be evenly distributed between the districts for the upcoming election.

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