Farmers Gather at Red River Valley Fairgrounds for Auction

About 300 Sellers and 750 Bidders Made Their Way to the Auction

WEST FARGO, N.D. —  If you’ve been in the market for new farming equipment, you’re in luck.

AgIron is back in town.

“We have three a year and July, this is our biggest one,” said Steffers West Fargo Manager Corina Carroll.

As one of the largest consignment auctions in North Dakota, the event gathers sellers, bidders and even just spectators.

“I’m not here to buy anything. I came here because I didn’t have anything better to do. So I just come down here by myself, and I might find somebody I know, or I might find somebody to buy me lunch, and you know, nothing wrong with a free lunch now and then, right?” said auction attendee Charles Sylvester.

Whatever it is you’re in the market for, make sure you’re prepared to bid for it. As the event has grown over the years, there’s more and more competition, including about 300 sellers and more than 750 bidders.

“We have people, mainly Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, but then we just had somebody from Texas, we have a lot from Canada, some from Mexico,” said Carroll.

“I suppose a lot of people are looking for a bargain. Save a dollar, if you can save a dollar, that’s fine,” said Sylvester.

And don’t forget those online bidders. The auctioneers also hold live online bidding so farmers nationwide can get in the game.

Carroll says without these one-stop shop auctions, “They would have to go to either many dealers, or they would have to figure out how to find the equipment on ads from individual people, so this provides a great opportunity for the sellers to take their items as well.”

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