Trying Out New Foods at “Taste of West Fargo”

The City of West Fargo hosts the 3rd annual Taste of West Fargo at Elmwood Park

WEST FARGO N.D — With the smell of food in the air and smiling faces from seat to shining seat, people are chowing down on some food.

They’re also getting the chance to try out some local businesses.

The organizers couldn’t be happier with the turnout.

“A lot of it is word of mouth, people get really excited about doing stuff like this. A lot of the people who are here have been coming for years and years. A lot of our public work staff, fire and police officers have been out too so that’s awesome,” says Communications Coordinator of West Fargo Ellen Rossow.

And for one vendor, he loves the opportunity.

“It gets people to see our food and our cuisine cause were not just open to members of the VFW. We’re open for the general public to come in. It’s a general misconception and I can get that message out here,”says VFW member Chris Carpenter.

Whiles he’s serving it up, he’s doing it his way.

“I have creative control. I can do whatever I want. It’s kind of nice. A lot of campus food service in me so I have a wide variety of options to make thing,” says Carpenter.

And with all the options, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

“Ahhh, they were all good. I mean every place you went ya got a good sample and it was all good tasting food,” says Bob Jensen.

For Jensen, it was a great chance to expand his pallet.

“It was surprising to taste some samples from these vendors because having lived in West Fargo. A lot of these places I’m not acquainted with so it may have opened up my choice of places maybe to eat,” says Jensen.

While the tables may be taken down and the Taste of West Fargo comes to a close, everyone agrees next year can’t come too soon.

This years Taste of West Fargo included twelve local vendors.

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