LIVE: Growing A Hobby Into An Unforgettable NFL Training Camp Experience

Fargo Podcaster Turns Football Banter Into A Chance To Cover His Favorite Team


A Fargo man turns a hobby into a chance to live the dream and cover his favorite NFL team at training camp.

Case Dillon started “The Detroit Lions Podcast” with a guy he met through the Lions Reddit community.
They’re going into their fifth season.
It started as two guys just chit-chatting about their team.
But over the years the podcast has gotten bigger.
They’ve interviewed players.
This season, they got media credentials and spent last week covering the team’s training camp in Detroit.
Dillon says it’s a dream to be able to grow his passion into something bigger.

He adds, “If you have a hobby that you can turn into something more, why not? I have friends who are avid gardeners and a couple of them have turned that into a business, you know those kind of things. Like, if you can turn your passion into a business, it’s better than, you know, if I could turn this into a full time job I would in a heartbeat.”

He says he roots for the Lions in part because he likes underdogs, and that the play in the same division as the Vikings.
You can check out his podcast by clicking here.

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