Paying It Forward, Fargo Family Gives Back to Community With Help From Toys

FARGO N.D. –At the 7th Day Adventist Church, close family and friends are packing toys to give out to local hospitals.

As they’re doing good for the community, what brought them together is a sad story taking the lives of two kids.

Trista Curry Mom:

“Last year on Maxwell’s birthday we wanted to something to stay busy, and it ended up being a big success, so we decided to try it again this year,” Said Maxwell & Camden’s mom Trista Curry.

It ended up being a big success, so we decided to try it again this year,” Said Curry.

It’s a drive Trista wish she didn’t have to do.

“I would rather be celebrating my three–year–old’s birthday party with him, but there is a lot of toys here so there is a lot of kids who will be smiling,” Said Trista.

She’s also glad she has company.

“Everybody coming together that they still remember him and they still care about him it really helps,” Said Trista.

But Trisha isn’t alone in her journey to carry on the memory of a lost child.

“I lost a 9–year–old son in an accident in 2015, so we became part of a club we didn’t want to become a part of we wanted to help remember the boys by doing the toy drive, so we’re here to help out and spread their memory and spread the love especially the kind of heart that Camden had for helping other people,” Said Jana Soljem.

But through their time together, they both found their strength to help others.

“Kind of connected with a tribe of people who have dealt with child loss, unfortunately, but it also gives us that connection to support each other,” Said Jana.

And at the end of it all, the payoff of all this hard work is worth it.

“Ya know if you think about kids in hospitals who are sitting in that hospital all day long who are bored sad and hurting and to be able to give them something it fills up a little bit of that in your own self and does a little bit of that healing,” Said Jana.

Trista says the group was able to collect around 700 toys for the kids and thanks everyone who helped make it all possible.

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