Fargo’s Luther Hall Recognized for Changing Youth Lives

Luther Hall is one of three juvenile programs in the nation to receive the PbS Barbara Allen-Hagen award

FARGO, N.D. — Home is where the heart is, but for some young people, home is where they can get the mental help they need.

“All the youth that live here have mental health diagnoses and need help managing that and getting as healthy as they can be so they can return to the community,” said Clinical Team Leader Jody Goodell-Lange.

Luther Hall is a 24–hour care psychiatric facility.

Kids struggling with issues like anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders come here for 9 to 12 months to hit refresh.

“This gives us a chance to work with them longer term to adjust medications, work on behaviors, things like that. So, hopefully, once they come here, this is their last stay and they’re able to move on back to foster home or back to their home, back to some other setting,” said Residential Team Leader Bob Guertian.

The staff says one of the biggest obstacles they’ve overcome in the past few years is not quitting when things get difficult.

“Really committing to kids who come and stay here. And so not giving up. It’s easy to get frustrated and feel like, ‘We can’t help this kid,’ and we made the decision to not do that – to work through those frustrating times, those difficult times and just really stand by kids,” said Goodell-Lange.

Their work has paid off.

For the past 18 months, Luther Hall has had no early or unsuccessful discharges.

This dedication is what led the center to receive the Barbara Allen–Hagen award, given to community programs that change kids’ behaviors and help them lead more positive and rewarding lives.

But they say they’re not stopping here.

“I’d say, on a regular basis, let’s not get complacent. So we’re constantly looking at things that need to be improved or ‘what can we do better,’ or what needs to change. It’s a regular conversation,” said Goodell-Lange.

Luther Hall is one of three juvenile programs in the nation to receive this award.

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