LIVE: One Last Shot, Kids Without Vaccinations Could Be Kept Out Of School

ND Department Of Health Making Push To Get Your Shots Before School Starts


This back-to-school season don’t forget to get your kids their shots, or else they might be kept out of class.
August is National Immunization Awareness Month.
The North Dakota Department of Health is making a push to get students vaccinated before they head back to class.
Students need vaccines from Kindergarten all the way into High School.
And if students aren’t vaccinated and don’t have a vaccine waiver by October 1st, they can be kept out of school.

Brenton Nesemeier with the Department of Health says, “You’re most exposed when you’re in a school setting. You’re in close contact with those peers around you. You’re in a closed setting where germs can just spread, and you’re more vulnerable. You’re immune systems may not be as strong as the adults that are caring for you at home.”

If you’re not sure what vaccines you or your kids might need, you can request your vaccination records online.

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