Where’s the meat? Fargo-Moorhead reacts to meatless burger

FARGO N.D – It’s not beef, pork or turkey but a plant patty Burger King is dishing out to customers across the country with its Impossible Whopper.

And while people may be taking a bite into the food trend health experts are saying switching from plant to meat may not make much of a difference at all but you can taste the difference.

“I would recommend that really you should choose whichever is more tasteful to you or whichever you prefer,” Said Sanford Health Dietitian Amanda Nack.

Nack says what it really comes down to when planning out a healthy diet everything is in moderation.

“I wouldn’t say we have to eliminate any one food or go towards these to any of these newer products that are coming out and replacing some of the different food items,” Said Nack.

But some people say they would give it a try.

“Ya after my heart attack I have had 3 of them so ya I would try it,” Said Moorhead resident Rich Brommenschenkel.

Even if they don’t know what to expect for flavor.

“I would try it I don’t know if I’ll try it it’s all I can do,” Said Rich.

But for one Fargo man he thinks the trend has a different motive.

“That PETA was behind it and worried that we’re going to kill off too many cows so their making false meat, I want the real thing and the farmers need to make a living,”Said Fargo resident David Olmsted.

Olmsted says he wouldn’t be opposed to at least seeing what it would taste like but he doesn’t want to support the movement.

“I think it’s getting so animals are more important than the people are I don’t believe in abusing them but they are here for our good,” Said Olmsted.

Olmsted says the trend will burn out quick with North Dakotan’s, but until then people stopping in for their next bite can have it their way.

If you want to give the Burger a try it will be available until September 1st.

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