Sanford Hosts Dancing with the Doctors at the Fargo Theatre

This is the second year of the event

FARGO, N.D. — A visit to the doctor’s office may not be enjoyable for everyone, but tonight it was all smiles as the doctors put on their dancing shoes. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Sanford Health Foundation which helps cancer patients with lodging, meals and transportation. The events have been so popular that there’s already…

Sanford Health Celebrates New Veterans Square Clinic

Lab and X-rays can be done on the same day

FARGO, N.D. –Sanford Health is celebrating the opening of the new Veterans Square Clinic. The clinic is on the corner of 40th Street and Veterans Boulevard in Fargo. It offers primary care services, along with pediatrics, women’s health, and pregnancy care. You can get lab and X–rays done on the same day there. Those at Sanford say this clinic is…

High Schoolers Explore Medical Field at Scrubs Camp

They learn about everything from nursing to cardiovascular technology

MOORHEAD, Minn. –High schoolers are scrubbing in and learning about all things medical at Scrubs Camp, a partnership between M State, MSUM, and HealthForce Minnesota. Camp attendee Katelyn Pagel, a rising senior from GFW High School, says she’s always wanted to go into the medical field. “Just like helping people, just has always been a dream of mine because I…

Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor Sets Example for Future Patients

She says a positive attitude helped her through the fight

FARGO, N.D. — So many of us have our pink on for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but even though October is coming to a close, that doesn’t mean awareness should be fading from our minds. Sandra Dunn, a two-time breast cancer survivor, shares her story and what her advice is for others. She was diagnosed in 2008 for the first time….

Sanford Breast Cancer Retreat Helps Survivors Support Each Other

Survivors can share stories and hear from experts

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Sanford hosted a breast cancer retreat that brings survivors together. One attendee, Sandra Dunn, is a two–time cancer survivor. Her advice is simple: stay positive. When she was first diagnosed in 2008, she says she lived her life to the fullest. “I danced a lot, I spent a lot of time with my family and friends. I…

Health Care Providers Hold Career Expo at Rasmussen College

Sanford, Essentia, Mayo Clinic, Eventide and Pioneer Care were in attendance

MOORHEAD, Minn. — If you think being a doctor is too difficult but still find the medical field interesting, there are some other in–demand options to consider. Rasmussen held a career expo where Sanford, Essentia, Mayo Clinic, Eventide and Pioneer Care were in attendance. “People don’t see us, they don’t know who we are, I try to explain to people, you know…

Essentia NICU Nurse Gets Surprise Celebration

Vicki Holtan has been a NICU nurse for 40 years

FARGO, N.D. — Vicki Holtan, who’s been a NICU nurse for 40 years, got quite the surprise from her family and co-workers. “We said we’re going to a Redhawks game, we’re at the lake… We said we’re going to take a day away from the lake and go to a Redhawks game, which is probably a little suspicious but she went…

Raising Awareness to Check Your Skin on National Melanoma Monday

They held a free screening for patients who are at risk for skin cancer and advised them on some next steps to take

FARGO, N.D. — May 7th is National Melanoma Monday and Sanford Health is raising awareness for the importance of getting your skin checked. They held a free screening for patients who are at risk for skin cancer and advised them on some next steps to take. Medical professionals with Sanford say it’s important to form a habit of checking your…

Man Suffers Throat and Neck Injury After Holding in Sneeze

Doctors say don't hold back when it comes to your sneezes

1/3 Show Caption Hide Caption 2/3 Show Caption Hide Caption 3/3 Show Caption Hide Caption INTERNATIONAL — A 34-year-old man suffered a neck and throat injury after he tried to hold in a sneeze. Doctors say the man pinched his nose and kept his mouth closed to hold in a forceful sneeze. It sent air and matter crashing into the…