Community Health Services Inc. moves locations to expand Moorhead clinic

A Moorhead clinic that helps underserved communities has a new location.

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) — Community Health Services offering all health services from blood tests and vaccines to substance abuse and victim advocacy programs.

It allows patients to pay for services based on income.

“It’s important for communities to make sure that everybody has access to healthcare including people who may not qualify for insurance, people who may be disadvantaged in certain ways economically, culturally and we’re here to provide the same level of care, standard of care as other clinics in town to those groups of people,” says Associate Medical Director Dr. Jessie Lindemann.

The clinic moved in September from 8th street south near McDonald’s to 4th Avenue North just off Highway 75.

Officials say the move will benefit the clinic’s growth with more exam rooms and expanded dental services.

It also makes it easier for people to find the clinic.

“A lot of our patients come from rural, remote, really hard areas where transportation isn’t easy. This is a great route for patients to be able to have easy access to the healthcare they’re looking for. So, that was the main reason for the move was growth and accessibility,” says COO Dominic Goodman

Goodman says, like everywhere else, they have struggled with staffing shortages.

He says they’re looking for more people working in dentistry, physicians and therapists.

“Staffing is an issue across the board. Every industry can vouch for that. Healthcare has probably been the hardest hit especially because of COVID. It’s been challenging. Some positions are a lot easier to fill than others. Across the board, it’s just been a very hard challenge in terms of trying to fill more of the skilled positions,” Goodman said.

He says they want to make the clinic a one-stop shop for patients and all their physical and mental health needs.

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