Food By The Truckload, Fargo hosts Food Truck Festival

FARGO N.D – At the Food Truck Fair in Fargo are getting the chance to try out some local vendors and with all these food and drink options there is something for everybody. One local vendor called the CzechWagon has a long history with the celebration.

“We’ve been doing it for 5 or 6 years or so with the trailer we have another business we started about 10 years ago,Said Chef Jerry Hodney”

What makes the truck so special?

“It’s Czech, Czechoslovakian, I’m half and half and we what a Czech Dumpling is,”Said Hodney

They have a clever way of getting people to give the food a try.

“If they haven’t tried it, we give them a free sample and they seem to like it,” Said Hodney

And Hodney loves to see all the people and vendors come out.

“It’s a blast you meet and get together with the other food trucks that you been doing events with and it’s just nice to meet new people,” Said Hodney.

Matt Jensen has been going to the festival for over 3 years.

“Well on Friday’s we go out for lunch at work so when it’s food truck festival day we make sure we get out here for the weekend every year,” Said Matt Jensen.

But it’s a little different this year.

“The huge differences in food truck availability that were here this year versus last year, missing some familiar faces but some new delicious places to eat as well, ya get around locally you don’t see these trucks when they all get to together and ya get to make their choice based on what they’re tasting,” Said Jensen.

Matt doesn’t have a lot of complaints this year.

“Can’t complain about getting a free lunch on Fridays especially when it’s outside that’s like the best part of the day,” Said Jensen.

It’s almost like a tradition.

“We live here we eat we drink and we enjoy four days of summer,” Said Jensen

The fair will be running all throughout the weekend with 20 different trucks to pick from.

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