Maker’s Market Celebrates Local Businesses

4E Winery started the market last year

MAPLETON, N.D. — Each one of these vendors has a story just waiting to be told.

“I’ve been in the sign industry for over 20 years, got out of the sign industry because of a back injury and this was easier on my back to do this kind of work other than the signs,” said Chris Waalen.

Waalen recycles fences and then refurbishes them into these signs, spoons and yes, even bathroom decor.

“I’ll take a day or two to tear down a fence and then get it ready to make what you see here. Probably with the Bison one, it took about a half hour,” Waalen said.

But his creations wouldn’t be on display here in Mapleton if it weren’t for an idea that sprung two years ago.

“We started this last year. We just kind of got a whim to say wouldn’t it be fun to bring local vendors together with wine and see what happens,” said Lisa Cook, co-owner of 4E Winery.

More than 30 vendors are showing off items they made completely by hand. But if you were at 4E Winery a month ago, the lay of the land wouldn’t have been quite the same.

“Actually, we probably had the worst flooding that we’ve ever had in this area this year. The worst flooding was in July with overland flooding. We’ve had water covering a lot of our property just less than a month ago but luckily Mother nature let it all dry up and it’s drained off and it’s a beautiful day,” Cook said.

And newcomers to the market can enjoy all it has to offer.

“This is my first time. I like the paintings,” said Denver Delaney.

For the small businesses getting recognized, it’s being appreciated that they enjoy the most.

“Especially when they come out and get to talking with us, when we have time we love to tell our story. They kind of see what it entails. I think they do appreciate it. It’s not like oh, it’s not like you just push a button and something comes out, right? I think they do appreciate all the work that goes into it and the passion,” Cook said.

As long as that passion continues, local businesses will continue getting a thumbs up from kids like Denver.

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