Fargo Public Schools Hosts Back to School Assembly

Nearly 2,000 Fargo Public Schools staff members were in attendance

FARGO, N.D. — Travis Hoeg wasn’t planning on becoming a teacher 25 years ago.

“I was originally an accounting major in college and took a couple economics classes, and flowcharts and stuff went right over the head. I didn’t understand it, so, just by a whim, I took an introduction to education class and we had to spend 30 hours practicum in the classroom, and the first day in the classroom, when I got around the kids, how welcoming they were and just, like, on my shoulders, asking me all kinds of questions, I was hooked right off the bat on the first day. I knew that I had found the profession that I was gonna do,” Hoeg said.

He’s not the only one who thinks teaching is the right profession for him.

The Fargo Public Schools District is awarding Hoeg the title of “Teacher of the Year” for his enthusiasm and dedication to his students.

But Hoeg, among others, says he isn’t the only teacher in our community deserving of an award.

“Every teacher that I’ve come in contact with in Fargo is really, truly dedicated to reflecting on practice to make things great for kids, and it’s so wonderful any time we get the opportunity to work in districts who are so committed to moving the work forward and helping students,” said keynote speaker Tricia Skyles.

Staff recognition is only part of the Fargo Public Schools’ annual assembly.

“It’s just really an opportunity to hear from some of our staff members that were recognized in previous years, see some performances from our students and then really just kick off the year with some speeches and get ready to welcome 11,000 students on Thursday,” said Fargo Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Rupak Gandhi.

A prominent message throughout the event is encouraging teachers to not only take care of their students, but to also take care of themselves.

“We really do believe that if you aren’t taking care of yourself, it’s very difficult to care for other people. And the fact of the matter is we walk in and we get about 180 days with kids who don’t really belong to us. And so we have to build that community, and we have to build a system of caring. If we’re not meeting our own needs, it’s then very difficult to extend ourselves out and help other kids,” said Skyles.

First of day of school Fargo Public Schools is Thursday.

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