Affordable Housing Facility Celebrates Renovation

The apartment complex was on the verge of shutting down before being bought out

FARGO, N.D. — An affordable housing facility in South Fargo was at risk of closing because of issues with finances and management.

“I think everybody can agree that we need more affordable housing in America, but the way to go about it is a challenge.”

A challenge Hans Juhle was up for.

He’s co–founder of Integra, the group that bought out this low–income apartment complex when it was on the verge of shutting down about a year ago.

“I mean all around us right now are happy families. They’re living in market–rate quality units that are completely renovated. There’s no more environmental concerns, it was only appropriate to rename the property because it’s completely revitalized,” Juhle said.

What used to be known as Community Homes is now the Arbors at McCormick Park, a completely transformed affordable housing facility.

“It is beautiful. At first, there was carpet, and now there’s not, which I’m more happy about because, two kids, like a whole lot of messes,” said resident Destiny Smith.

The flooring isn’t the only thing that underwent a transformation.

The 9.2 million dollar project changed everything at the complex, from roofing and windows to the appliances and cabinets.

The renovation was funded by Housing and Urban Development and the state of North Dakota.

After nine months of work, the residents say the wait was well worth it.

“Well, the kitchen was a whole lot smaller. Now that it’s more open and everything, I can watch what my kids are doing,” added Smith.

They even added an adjacent community center, including a library, gym and computer lab.

“The job opportunities, the training, the computer lab, the daycare, the services to the residents in McCormick Park here will provide that latter up upper mobility and self–sufficiency, and I think that’s a transformational process here in Fargo,” said N.D. Housing and Urban Development Director Joel Manske.

Residents are required to pay 30 percent of their monthly income toward rent and meet eligibility requirements through Section 8.

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