Nearly 2,000 Concordia Students Ready to Start Fall Semester

Classes begin thursday


MOORHEAD, Minn. — Getting through classes in college takes plenty of hard work but so does moving in just to get the year started.

Nearly 2,000 students are attending Concordia College in Moorhead this year.

Mikal Kenfield, the college’s director of residence life, says a little over half of the students enrolled also live on campus.

While some parents say sending their first kid off to college makes them a little anxious, their kids are more optimistic.

“It’s very exciting. It’s really nervous. I’m nervous but I’m happy for him,” said Angela Jordahl, who helped her son moved into his dorm.

“Meeting new people, branching out and meeting professors. That sounds like a lot of fun,” said Drew Jordahl, Angela’s son.

“My biggest piece of advice is do something that makes you nervous. Making new friends, meeting new people, going new places is hard and so just challenge yourself to be brave. everyone else feels the same way,” Kenfield said.

Once they’re done moving in, freshmen will begin orientation that’ll last three days.

Classes begin on Thursday.

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