Herd Up! Bison Fans Are Celebrating With Team At Block Party

FARGO N.D – People are packing in and party up to celebrate the team’s next run at another title.

“That’s what’s great about Bison nation you have an event they’re going to come out and support, and so it’s a beautiful night and a great opportunity to come out and get a yard sign hopefully get out there and buy some gear but also just celebrate Bison Athletics,” Bison Athletic Director Matt Larsen says.

And a lot of people showed up.

“To see so many people show up in green and gold generations young and old out here just been passionate fans a lot of the time so being able to get together and share some time together is pretty special,” Larsen said.

And with all these activities going on, Bison fans are ready to return to championship form as the season kicks off. For one die-hard fan, it’s another great night in a long history of supporting his team.

“I consider myself to be probably the the biggest fan there is. I know there is some that will debate but when you go to all the events that I do you’re always first in line, and everybody knows ya for who ya are the Icon that I am it’s kind of a cool thing to be” “Icon” Halmrast said.

It’s been a lifelong passion.

“I was born into the Bison Nation, and I have continued, and I always will be, and I don’t think anything will change that,” Halmrast said.

After going to countless games over multiple years, Halmrast says even with every season there is something to look forward to.

“Well with Bison Nation we ‘don’t rebuild we reload, and the coaching staff seems to always put that out there for the athletes,” Halmrast said.

Halmrast says there is only one thing ‘he’s expecting from his team.

“I would say nothing short of a national championship,” Halmrast says.

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