BBB Gives Tips on Managing Students’ Online Reputations

Social media can have big impact on students down the line

Social media can have a big impact on students when it comes time to apply to college or for a job.

The Better Business Bureau has some tips.

They say it’s a good idea for kids to consider what a future employer can find on their social media accounts before making a post. Making them private is also encouraged, though that doesn’t guarantee absolute privacy.

People can piece together information from multiple platforms as well.

“I think the biggest thing is awareness. Parents should have conversations with their kids. Let them know the dangers. Make sure they realize what they post now, even if they’re not going to get a job for a few years, it could still have an impact on them down the road,” Bess Ellenson, communications director for the BBB, said.

Social media isn’t all bad. BBB says platforms like LinkedIn can be a huge help for finding a job.

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