At-Home Rape Kits Called “MeToo Kit” Under Fire

The kits haven't hit the market yet

FARGO, N.D. — An at-home rape kit called the “MeToo Kit” is under fire, and it hasn’t hit the market yet.

The Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA) is warning people against using them.

The kits let people swab private areas for evidence and seal other items like clothes. The company site says the kit can then be taken to the police or Title IX office on college campuses.

MNCASA says survivors are guaranteed free forensic medical exams, and they don’t have to report to law enforcement if they don’t want to.

“These MeToo kits are basically exploiting victim-survivors by charging them money for an exam they’re guaranteed by state and federal laws that they should be able to have access to,” Jude Foster, MNCASA medical forensic policy program coordinator, said.

KVRR reached out to the founder of MeToo Kit for comment. She has not answered any of our questions, only providing a link for an article that says she’s a sexual assault survivor herself and she created the company to give survivors time to process their trauma.

The MeToo Kit website says they have a plan to keep the evidence contained, and they will be lobbying for support to have the kits admissible in court.

“These kits would absolutely not be admissible in court. There’s a very strict chain of custody so we can keep that evidence secure. There’s just absolutely no chain of custody through these kits,” Foster said.

MNCASA says medical professionals can provide proper treatment and give access to STI treatment or pregnancy prevention options. It’s also about being able to work with a compassionate, trained professional.

“I cannot tell you the power that medical professionals have to make eye contact with a victim–survivor of sexual assault and say, ‘you’re going to be okay.’ That’s something I don’t think the rest of us in the criminal justice system really have the power to do,” Foster said.

If you or someone you know is a survivor, MNCASA points to as a good resource.

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