Hoeven Announces New Program To Help Veterans

FARGO, N.D. — Veterans from all branches packed into the West Fargo VFW to voice their opinion on healthcare and the Fargo VA while sharing experiences, and there was a lot of expectations from the talks.

“As a community veteran, it’s important that we keep on the VA doing, the senators and legislative representative out looking making their following through their promises,”Commandant Marine Corps League Brad Aune says.

For one Veteran who served in the middle east, the return back home was difficult.

“I didn’t realize it at the time but what I was suffering with is a lack of brain function is what it came down to brain damage just from my experiences it cost me everything cost me, my family, it cost me everything,” says Veteran and CEO of Back To Life David Rodgers.

But then something changed.

“Mr. Gary Theraldson started a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy over on the south side and asked me to come in, and he changed my life,” Said Rogers.

He’s now returning that simple gesture by starting a non–profit with the same goal in mind.

“Now started this not for profit and I’m now helping other veterans get access and help them while their here,” Roger says.

It’s not just Rogers who has noticed why therapy is an essential part of a veteran’s recovery.

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven is announcing a new pilot program with the VA to offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

“This is a new type of treatment that can help them with things like maybe helping prevent suicide and other things, and it’s also keeping them off a lot of medications getting them real treatment and cures it’s about making sure our veterans to quality healthcare,” Said Sen.Hoeven

But Rogers says he’s concerned about the program that’s just one of five in the nation.

“They have had very few Veterans treated in the other pilot programs and the reason why is because they made the entry for barrier like to qualify for the treatment it was so difficult you get guys like who would have turned around and walked away,” Rogers says.

Hoeven says the goal is to solve that problem.

“Our VA center in Fargo helping national VA figure out how to do this how do they provide Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment so were a part of the solution for our great vets,” Hoeven says.

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