Return Of The Rivalry: Bison and Fighting Hawk Fans Celebrate Game Day

Fans from across the region came together to share in friendly rivalry

FARGO, N.D. — It’s been four years since the Bison and the Fighting Hawks have faced off against each other. For the return of the rivalry, fans embraced a cold morning to tailgate before the game.

For one group of grillers, it didn’t stop them from firing up.

“Ya know the comradery getting to see all your old friends, a lot of our business partners stop by and just the comradery of having a beer, usually it’s a nice Saturday but ya know were trudging through the rain no big it’s not going to slow us down one bit,” Cook for Grillmaster Rory Jorgenson Says.

And how can they when there’s so many hungry fans.

“About 30 pounds of Ribeye for three weeks in a marinated brine recipe, got some shrimp scampi, got some honey to shrimp some dry tips marinating for weeks, couple types of sausage cheesy hash browns my wife’s birthday cake *laughs* we’re trying to feed about 150 people,” Jorgenson Said.

Jorgenson says he’s been looking forward to this game for awhile.

“It’s the biggest game of the year it’s going to be loud, and it’s going to loud *laughs*”

“When they unveil that championship banner in front of UND, I’m going to hate to see those boys cry a little, but that banner is going to be right there in front of them,”  Jorgenson laughingly says.

When the game kicked off, fans not at the game took to the bars to support their teams.

With the intensity of the rivalry some NDSU fans were celebrating what they considered a win already.

“We just done at the dome and we wanted to come down to a place indoors where we can celebrate this victory.” Says NDSU fan Jeff Vanyo.

Vanyo has been a supporter of the herd for a long time.

“Since I have lived in Fargo so 30 years a lot of friends and relatives that have either played or followed the game,” Vanyo Says.

He has plenty memories of his team and their success.

“That 5th straight in a row championship watching it on tv, that road to Frisco I have yet to travel it but I will one day,” Vanyo Said.

While Bison fans were celebrating all NDSU has accomplished, some UND alumni were enjoying an easy trip to the game.

“Well I live in Fargo, and I gotta support my old school so I gotta come out and watch the game here,” Said UND alum Jay.

Jay says the rivalry is all in good fun.

“It’s fun I got so many buddies from NDSU that it’s just fun to watch them play regardless of what happens,” Jay says.

The game may be over for this season, but both teams’ fans say they are excited for their rivalry to continue for years to come.

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