39th Annual Big Iron Farm Show Displays New Ag Tech

The show is open tomorrow from 9 to 5 and Thursday from 9 to 4

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Technology is making its way into most people’s lives these days, and farmers are no exception.

“Man, has agriculture changed. And for the better. I mean, the equipment, the size of the equipment, and the technology,” said Big Iron Committee Chairman Dave Gehrtz.

This year’s Big Iron Farm Show is giving people a glimpse at the newest tech in ag.

“We as a committee tried to bring on anything that’s new, innovative that’s coming into play in the agriculture.”

The show features more than 900 exhibits.

Booths like NDSU are giving visitors a look into the future.

“We just start a new major in precision agriculture at NDSU last semester. So, that’s actually only the second major in precision agriculture in the country,” said NDSU Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering Assistant Professor Paulo Flores.

Precision agriculture uses drones to find potential weed problems or spray specific areas of a field.

“Can we use the imagery collected from the drones, for example, to identify wheats, and instead you go into blanket sprayer wheats, can you just focus on the spots where the wheats are?”

He says this new tech could save farmers a lot of time and energy.

“How you can apply the right rate, the right product at the right time in the right place. I can see application of this for any kind of farm,” said Flores.

And while he says the technology probably won’t be widely used for another year or two, conventions like the Big Iron Farm Show are giving farmers a taste of what their futures could hold.

“As we move up to autonomous tractors and equipment, it’s absolutely the most exciting field that a person could be in, be involved in, in this day and age,” said Gehrtz.

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