Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 941 Hosts 9/11 Commemoration

Local veterans have held this remembrance since the first anniversary of the attacks

MOORHEAD, MINN. — Local Vietnam Veterans are keeping the memories of 9/11 victims alive.

“The VVA has sponsored this for the past 17 years. We held the first one a year after the attacks,” said retired U.S. Air Force Tech Sgt. Russel Stabler.

Community member Theresa Nunn has been at every single ceremony.

Not only honoring those who passed, but using her voice to connect with those grieving.

“The National Anthem is not only for me, it’s for everyone. When you bring something in the form of a unity, you look around and you see the individuals who are there are representing you,” she said.

She says her singing helps her send a message of hope to those who lost loved ones during the attacks.

“When I go into that [singing], it’s because I look around me. You’ll see that mother, you’ll see that grandparent, or significant other not with her anymore, but yet you see and say to yourself, ‘Wow, I have to keep moving for them.’ Because they have to look forward to come to something, they have to connect to something, so that they see that it wasn’t a loss, and it wasn’t lost in vain.”

Although Nunn wasn’t singing at this ceremony, she couldn’t hide her emotions.

And as the veterans, police officers, firemen and members of the community remembered the nearly 3,000 lives taken, talk of a truly unified nation filled the air.

“We need to come together and stand as Americans and be united. And stop all this political bickering that’s going on back and forth and get down to the job of taking care of our nation,” said Stabler.

This was the first year the Vietnam Veterans of America held their event in Moorhead since the Veterans Memorial Bridge is closed for repairs.

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