Runners Race to Raise Awareness About Addiction

Money Raised For The Race Will Be Given To The First Step Recovery Program

MOORHEAD, Minn. –While runners were getting set for the big 5k run, one woman on the sidelines is jogging her own memories of the addiction she beat over a decade ago.

“I entered this program myself 11 years ago, and I have been sober the entire 11 years, and it’s a great program I recommend it to people and if you’re struggling they can definitely help,” survivor Theresa Rassel said.

Rassel is talking about the First Step Recovery program at The Village Family Service Center.

She used the services there to help her overcome alcoholism.

But she says one of the most difficult parts of her journey was knowing when it was time to seek help.

“It was a very scary thing it truly is named correctly First Step, and the first step is admitting you have a drinking problem, and it’s a struggle,” Rassel said.

She says addiction damages more than just the person battling it.

“The family is affected by any kind of addiction, and the family needs help just as much as the person in recovery” Rassel said.

Years later she’s still sharing her story with others.

First Step Recovery is also continuing to spread a message of hope with its Run for Recovery 5k.

“It’s a huge effort right now to make sure people feel like they are supported, they are welcomed they have an opportunity to ask questions and get out so that way they don’t stay hidden with the disease of addiction,” Director of First Step Gale Nelson said.

The run is also to remember the legacy of man who spent his lifetime trying to help others.

“Our Founder Mike Kasapri sadly with his passing people really wanted to honor him.

And this is one of his phrases “We Got You” that’s how we celebrate him,” Nelson said.

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