Jordahl & Associates Planning Revitalization Project in Moorhead

They presented their plan to the Moorhead Economic Development Authority last week

MOORHEAD, Minn. — There could be new businesses popping up not long from now when you get off of I–94 in Moorhead.

The old Family Fare building has been empty for some time, but it was part of many shoppers’ routines when it was open.

“I really miss it. It was very convenient. I’d definitely like to see that grow into something healthy for the Moorhead area,” Jean Alder said.

Jordahl & Associates is planning on revitalizing the building. They presented their plan to the Moorhead Economic Development Authority last week.

“Right now the Jordahls are talking to some national retailers and these are the kind of retailers that would go in that space, that would not only be a benefit to the constituency, but also do bring people across the river and into Moorhead to shop,” attorney Igor Lenzner said.

Some shoppers say they want to see something convenient in its place, like a one–stop shop.

Jordahl also owns the Holiday Mall across the street, where there’s lots of open space for business. The Little Caesars there most recently closed.

Jordahl anticipates about 100 new jobs will be come out of the Family Fare building revitalization.

Other shoppers say even though Moorhead is trying to grow business–wise, it’ll still be difficult to compete with Fargo.

“Fargo’s got a mall, they’ve got more specialized stores, Best Buy, 13th Avenue… there’d be no reason to come here when 13th Avenue has all you need,” Matthew Stubstad said.

Representatives also say getting the project started before winter will be cheaper because of construction costs.

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