People Celebrate City of West Fargo at West Fest

People lined the streets for the parade

WEST FARGO, N.D. — West Fest is a chance for people to celebrate the city of West Fargo.

“We love coming here every year, it’s a great community event, we love to see all the businesses and organizations that West Fargo has and it’s fun to bring the kids out,” Elaine Doerfler said.

“It’s fun to see the kids enjoy getting the candy, and getting to see everybody interacting, having the smiles on their faces, seeing the firetrucks and policemen,” Andrea Beiseker said.

The kids, of course, were all about the candy.

“Just because we’re West Fargo residents, I like that they keep a local parade for just us and kids love candy, all of us parents like the potato chips,” Jessica Kalenze said.

For those who’ve lived in West Fargo for years, they definitely notice the changes as the city grows.

“We live now where you can almost see Horace so that wasn’t the way it was when we first moved here. It’s just expanding, growing,” Beiseker said.

But no matter what, West Fargo always has its charm.

“My favorite part of the city is it’s growing, but it still has that small town feel, and it’s so fun to run into people you know all the time, and there’s always a lot of fun events going on,” Doerfler said.

“We try to keep it our own West Fargo city and how we work together as a community to stay tinier and just camaraderie,” Kalenze said.

There will be more activities tomorrow at the West Fargo Municipal Airport. For more information, click here.

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