Recycling Business Hosts “Computers for a Cause” Fundraising Event

North Dakota E-Waste is collecting people's electronic waste

FARGO, N.D. — As technology keeps growing, so does our electronic waste.

A Bismarck recycling business is in Fargo for the first time collecting the old tech people have lying around.

North Dakota E–Waste is partnering with the Homeward Animal Shelter for their “Computers for a Cause” charity event.

For every computer donated, the company is giving 5 dollars to the animal shelter.

They’re also collecting TVs, printers, batteries, wires and cables.

“Electronics are – they’re becoming more and more prevalent, they’re becoming more throw–away, they don’t last as long as they used to, and so that waste stream is getting larger and larger every day,” said North Dakota E-Waste co-owner Justin Krom.

About 400 items had been dropped off by mid–day.

The electronics will be shipped back to Bismarck and taken apart.

Each component will be recycled at the proper center.

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