Monday Match: Angela & Myah

Angela & Myah Have Been Matched For 7 1/2 Years

It’s time for our Monday Match this morning.
You can defend the potential of a child by volunteering as a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters of The Village Family Service Center.
Let’s meet one of these Bigs, Angela, and her Little, Myah:
· They have been matched in the program for 7½ years.
· Some of their favorite outings include going to the Asian and American Market and Jade Dragon, getting ice cream together, cooking supper, and hanging out at Angela’s place with her dog, Winston.
· Myah was recently accepted to MSUM and Angela couldn’t be more excited for her to take this next step in her life!
There are currently 94 kids waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister. In just four hours a month, you can help a child realize their biggest possible future. To volunteer, call 701-451-4877 or visit

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