Lamoureux Facing Added Pressure as Force’s First-Year Head Coach

Lamoureux is entering his fourth season with the team, his first as the Head Coach

FARGO, N.D. — Pierre-Paul Lamoureux is entering his first season as head coach of the Fargo Force after his predecessor, Cary Eades, stepped aside to focus solely on general manager duties.

This will be the fourth year Lamoureux has been with the Force as he previously served as the team’s associate head coach.

He is plenty familiar with the organization and it’s style of play, but after an offseason of adjusting to his new position and getting through the first two games of the season, the leader of the team has noticed the added weight that comes with the role.

“There is more pressure,” admitted Lamoureux. “You don’t really feel the day to day, final decision – the pressure of making those final decisions – as an assistant. You have input and you always have your opinion on how you think things should be done, but when you’re in the position where you got to make that final decision, that pressure or that feeling is a little bit different.  A lot of people that have gone through the transition that I have, I think would echo that.”

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