Fargo Firefighters Have Trouble Getting to Fire Because of Illegal Parking

They say damages are at roughly $5,000

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo Fire Departments says it had difficulty getting to a basement fire at 4280 Estate Drive South because of narrow private roads and illegal parking.

Once firefighters got to the blaze around 4:00, they were able to put it out in under 20 minutes.

Battalion Chief Dane Carley says because the basement was being used for storage, crews had to get through an excessive amount of items to find the source of the fire.

He says if the fire happened after five, it wouldn’t have been put out as quickly.

“It’s always important to never park in front of a fire hydrant. It’s particularly important to not park along the side of the road in these neighborhoods with the smaller private streets because we can’t get our trucks in here. We’ve been in this same neighborhood in the evening after work and we couldn’t get the trucks in here because the roads are too narrow,” Carley said.

No one was injured. Damages are estimated around $5,000 dollars.

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