Clothesline Project Spreads Sexual Violence Awareness

The event has been at UND for more than 15 years

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Survivors of sexual abuse and violence are using t–shirts to share their experiences.

200 t–shirts, decorated by survivors or in honor of someone who has experienced sexual violence, are hung up on a clothesline.

Each shirt color represents a different incident or type of violence.

The event is followed by the Take Back the Night Rally, a march intended to educate and bring awareness to interpersonal violence.

“This is kind of a collective way to see what is going on. What others are dealing with and what they have dealt with in the past, and that it is okay to come forward and say something, whether it is on a t–shirt or reporting it to somebody else,” said CVIC Prevention Education Specialist Allison Burkman.

The take back the night rally starts at 7 at the Wellness Center with a program at Chester Fritz.

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