NDSU President Gives State of the University Address

One of the University's goal is to increase enrollment.

FARGO, N.D- NDSU President Dean Bresciani held a state of the University address about the future of the school.

The NDSU Foundation received a $75 million donation by Robert and Sheila Challey. It’s the largest single donation ever given.

Bresciani says the money will go towards the university’s 4 pillars: scholarship, faculty, facilities and programs.

He believes these areas are where stability will make all the difference.

The President encourages the NDSU community to give input on what the university can do better so that they can collectively map a path to their goal.

With the increase of the scholarship endowment, NDSU will offer more opportunity to more incoming students.

The University had the lowest enrollment rate since 2008.

“It goes without saying that our employers and assistants desperately need more NDSU graduates in disciplines, and is on us more than ever before to find the means to meet those demands,” says Dean L. Bresciani, the President of NDSU.

“Things like graduate student stipend, being able to fund more graduate students really helps our faculty be able to be more productive and when we’re more productive we are better teachers, we are better contributors to the science in our field, so I think there’s a lot of opportunity for faculty support,” says Molly Secor-Turner, says Associate Professor of Nursing.

Through transformational philanthropic gifts, the university hopes to fulfill its mission of research, engagement and service and through that process develop the next generation of leaders.

More than 300 million dollars of the university’s 400 million dollar goal has been raised.

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